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Air conditioning works with the white remote control hanging on the wall and only if all doors and windows are closed. If it stops, restart it.

MURANO Suite - COBALTO 14.jpg


You can adjust the intensity of the lights by keeping pressed on the up/down switches.

The light of the bedroom area can be switched off/on from the bed, with the l and O buttons on the small white remote control.

The exterior lights of the windows turn off at 10pm, if you need you can close your external shutters or curtains.


In Venice recycling is mandatory and the garbage must be sorted by type in well sealed bags.

Residual waste green bag under the sink

•  Paper paper bag under the sink

Glass, Plastic & Cans silver bag in the black bin


Please before your departure,

leave your garbage bags in the big white bin which is in the palace’s entrance.

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